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[Tips] Ninja Lecture I: How to start

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As a new-born Ninja, how can you survive in the harsh Conquer world? Here is a guide for newbie ninjas at the beginning of their epic adventure.

First, use the Path Finding to check out the Hunting areas. Just slaughter some poor Pheasants and you will reach level 3 just in a couple of minutes. But remember to use medicine (strancher) in time to refill your HP and MP. At level 3 you will learn a XP skill named Fatal Strike automatically. Use this skill when your XP is full. The more monsters you kill, the quicker the XP bar will refill.

When you reach level 5, talk to the TC Captain to take the Monster Hunter quest. He is standing right near the Twin City gate (435,438), next to the Conductress. You will get lots of EXP when you complete the quest and gain several levels simultaneously. This quest can be repeated 3 times a day. You need to kill 100 Turtledoves to finish the task. You can always over your cursor over the Jar the TC Captain gave you to keep track of your kill count!

Here is a little reminder about the Monster Hunter quest. When killing monsters of a similar level to your character, it dangerous to take on packs of monsters at once. It's better to wait until your XP is full to attack, then finish monsters off quickly in a fast flurry of attacks.

After completing this quest twice, you should have reached level 15. Now it's time to get promoted. Talk to the Wind Sage who stands in job center and get promoted to Ninja. The entrance to the job center is just north-west of the town square. After promotion, talk to the trainer and take the Defense of Twin City quest! A Refined Steel Katana will be rewarded to you when the quest is finished. The Katana will be your best friend during the next few levels.

At level 30, get teleported to Phoenix Castle with the help of the Conductress and take the Monster Hunter quest from the PC Captain (277,257).You will get a Meteor and some EXP each time you finish it. You should take a Monster Hunter quest only if monsters are 5 levels lower than your character, otherwise you'll struggle to survive. Of course, if you don't care about spending money on medicines, just go and kill monsters 5 levels higher than you so that you can level up quicker.

These are only some tiny tips for you at the beginning of your exploration in Conquer. But the best way to play is your own way!

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