Season II only the pure of heart will emerge victorious!

Tips for Season III

1. New Class: The Monk
This is an amazing class, with many magical abilities. They can assist you in battle by giving you various extra attributes, while still being able to tough it out on the front lines!

2. New Bosses
Snow Banshee (Frozen Grotto F2) & Sword Master (Family Map). Beat the new monsters, you’ll be able to gain some fabulous new Dragon souls.

3. New Dragon Souls

4. Team PK Tournament
A new PK platform for the players who like to team up with their friends! You can fight on your own or team up with your friends (5 players in a team at the most). Different class and skill combinations may lead to different results in combats! So, gather your band of merry men, and fight for gold and glory!

5. World Elite PK Tournament
Who will prove themselves to be the King of CO, in this exciting inter-server PK competition? Only the best of the best will gain the right to fight in this contest! This grand event has already kicked off, and the selection stage will be running from Sep. 10th - Oct. 1st, and the final battle taking place in mid-October. Other various activities will be on offer, to make sure everyone can be a part of this great event!

6. Level 3 & Level 4 House Expansions

Screenshots of Monk's Skills