Honoring the Ancestors

Duration: everyday

Requirement: Level 50 and above

NPC: Daily Quest Envoy (Twin City 426, 396)

Reward: Heaven’s Blessing, EXP, Study Points and 1 Chi Token. If you are lucky enough, you may receive extra rewards of 200 Study Points and 20 CPs(B).

Chi Token. After collecting 7 Chi Tokens, you can use them to gain 180 minutes of EXP and 200 Chi Points.


1. Our ancestors have built such a beautiful world for us, and we should never forget about them. The Daily Quest Envoy wants you to go to the Ancestral Hall and honor the ancestors.

2. There are three Chinese ancestors in the hall, Nuwa, Huang Di and Yan Di. You’ll need to choose one of them, and then click the Censer in front to receive a blessing. Different ancestors will grant you different blessings. Remember, you can only honor one ancestor, everyday.

Nuwa is known for creating mankind and repairing the Wall of Heaven. If you choose her, you will receive 5 hours of Blessing, 60 minutes of EXP and 1 Chi Token

HuangDi is a legendary Chinese sovereign and cultural hero. If you choose him, you’ll receive 50 Study Points, 60 minutes of EXP and 1 Chi Token.

YanDi is another legendary ruler of ancient China. If you worship him, you`ll receive 5 hours of Blessing, 50 Study Points and 1 Chi Token.

What’s more, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll have the chance to receive a bonus blessing: 200 Study Points and 20 CPs (B)!


  1. You can honor an ancestor once a day.
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