Reservations Set March 13th for New Server, Mortal Strike

Date: Mar 11 2014 03:42:56 Source: Official Views:

We almost midway through the month, and the new Mortal Strike server, named after another new skill for the epic weapon of the Trojan, will begin accepting reservations on March 13, 2014!

Starting at 0:00 March 13th until 23:59 March 20th (PDT), reservations will be available for you to stake your claim and receive Privilege Packs, VIP Privilege Packs and Guild Privilege Packs! All Level 100+ players can log on to the reservation page, and book a spot for the new server!

In addition, the 1KK Guild War will continue its red-hot stretch in new servers, offering up to a total of 1,000,000 CPs as a reward for the winning guilds! Would you like to lay claim to the biggest prizes on a new server? Stay ready to make a reservation on the Mortal Strike server, soon!

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