Winners for GM Challenge of Jan. 28th Revealed!

Date: Jan 29 2014 02:03:32 Source: Official Views:

Happy Chinese New Year!

Before we announce the winner list for the GM Challenge of Jan. 28th, we'd like to wish everyone in the world of Conquer happy Chinese New Year!

Note: We'd like to reiterate that each character can only claim the reward for the GM Challenge, once and for all. No matter how many times you defeat our GM after you won, you will not see your name on the list!

Congratulations to the winners on the list for the GM Challenge of Jan. 28th, and the reward will be delivered to your account in 10 business days due to Chinese Lunar New Year. (We'd like to ask for your patience, thank you)

Character Name



500 CPs, 30-day Somersault Cloud(B)


If your name isn't on the list, do not hesitate to write an e-mail to Thanks!

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