September Event Preview: Labor Day Shopping Rush, Guild Contests & Fun Events!

Date: Sep 03 2013 04:23:16 Source: Official Views:

Summer will soon be nothing more than a memory, as Autumn crawls ever closer, yet the fantastic events in CO won't ever fade away! This month, loads of improved events will spring up to make the game more entertaining and fun! Now, let's take a look at what September holds for you to rejoice with your friends in game!

Online Events:

Labor Day Shopping Rush (9/2 - 9/9): Merchant Pakku will carry loads of precious items back to Twin City (442, 386), offering a slew of great deals, including the new Mount Armor - Heaven Rhino, Demon Boxes, and the new Sale Packs!

Monthly Gift Pack Giveaway (9/3 - 9/7): Players above Level 80 will receive a valuable gift pack, just by logging into the game! Be sure you check your inventory during that time!

The Wanted II (9/5 - 9/16): Bounty hunters are needed, once again! Hints will lead you to the target monsters, which will give you packs named after that monster. A mysterious man will show up to collect specific packs, and reward the first 50 players who hand in the correct packs! Don't miss out on this fun event!

Wishing Elves II (9/13 - 9/30): Fairy Sara will fly back to embrace Autumn as Summer wanes, fulfilling your wishes with prizes! The Wishing Gem will give each wish a 50% discount when you make wishes on the Holy Lamp. What's more, wishes for CPs and Tough Drills will be easily fulfilled!

Guild Contests (9/14 - ): Each guild leader can go talk to the Guild Honor Officer in Twin City (350, 332) to accept a random task, which requires all guild members to complete! There are 3 types of tasks, each of which will have rankings for the guilds. The guild leader of the guild who ranks 1st in previous contests will get a Leader Honor Pack, and a Leader Privilege Pack, which contain loads of precious items!

Offline Events:

Surprise Crediting Pack Giveaway (9/5 - 9/30): Instead of selecting just one gift pack you like, you can claim all 5 gift packs by crediting a TQ Point Card during this event!

Credit Bonuses (9/16 - 10/7): Points can be earned by crediting TQ Point Cards, which can then be exchanged for fabulous packs, in-game!

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