The Sound of Music

Server Time: Jan. 5th-Feb. 2nd

Requirements: Level 40 and above

Musician (Twin City, 413,381)


  • Talk to the Musician (Twin City, 413,381) to hear her tale and accept the quest.
  • Find the Musical Note Packs that are dropped from the monsters, each day. There are 7 Musical Note Packs: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La and Ti. But each pack only drops on a certain day. For example, Do only drops on Monday, Re on Tuesday, Mi on Wednesday and so on.
  • When you open the packs, you will be granted Heaven’s Blessing, some experience, and the note.
  • If you can gather 7 different notes in a week, you will be able to trade them in for a reward. If you can gather 28 notes (4 of each), you will get the best reward!

You won’t find any notes from monsters that are 20 Levels lower than you.

Prize List: You will have a chance to get one of the prizes below:

Weekly Pack(40-90) Exp Ball
  Praying Stone Scrap x10
  Phase 2-4 Dragon Soul
  Meteor x3
  Flower x3
  Exp. Potion
  100k Silvers
Weekly Pack(91-120) Exp Ball
  Praying Stone(S)
  Phase 3-4 Dragon Soul
  Normal Gem x2
  Meteor Box
  Study Book
  House Permit
  Moon Box
Weekly Pack(120+) Refined Gem x2
  Exp Ball x2
  Praying Stone(M)
  Quest Chance B
  Weapon Accessory
  Study Book x2
  Phase 4-6 Dragon Soul
  Super Refinery Pack
  House Permit
Monthly Pack(40-90) Exp Ball x3
  Praying Stone(S) x2
  Meteor Tear x2
  Class 5 Money Bag
  Praying Stone(S) x2
  Meteor Box x2
  Class 5 Money Bag
  Normal Gem x4
  Upgrade Certificate
Monthly Pack(91-120) Refined Gem x6
  Praying Stone(M) x2
  Quest Chance B
  Phase 6 Dragon Soul
  Super Refinery Pack
  Bound Garment -1
  Class 5 Money Bag
  Study Book x3
  Weapon Accessory
  Upgrade Certificate (Class 3)
Monthly Pack(120+) Praying Stone(M) x2
  Phase 6 Dragon Soul
  Quest Chance B
  Bound Garment -1
  Study Book
  1 Soc. Pickaxe or 1 Soc. Rose
  Refined Gem x6
  Class 5 Money Bag
  • Bound Items Carnival
  • Extra Rewards in Fiend Lair
  • Conquest of Nether
  • Poker King Series CPT
  • Heavenly Ultimate Tournament
  • Champion Basketball Manager
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade