Pure Monk Bonus Rewards!

Server Time: Dec 16th - Jan 16th
Requirement: Pure Monks Only (You should choose the Monk each time you are reborn, or else you will not be able to claim the Pure Monk Bonus Rewards.)
Honorable Bonze (Twin City, 439,387)


To celebrate the coming of the new Monk class, every new Monk will be awarded special items, sanctioned by the Order of Light!

Lvl Requirement

Gift of the Order


Normal Moon and Violet Gems (B)


Normal Thunder and Glory Gems (B)


Praying Stone(M)

1st Reborn 100

150 Cps(B)-5 Cps(B) Per Day

1st Reborn 130

Super Dragon Gem(B) and P4 Ring(Dragon Soul)

2nd Reborn 100

Dragon Ball

2nd Reborn 130

Super Beads(B), Sash(S) and P6 Beads(Dragon Soul)


1, To get the 1st Reborn gifts, you must be a Monk in your original and new life.

2, To get the 2nd Reborn gifts, you must be a Pure Monk.

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