Fruit Ninja Event

Requirements: Level 80 and above

Fruit Ninja (Twin City, 450, 378)

Reward: Fruit Ninja Pack –Open to receive a random gift from 5 Garment Coupons, 5 Weapon Accessory Coupons, 5 Refinery Packs,5 Small Joy Stones, 5 Exp Ball Scraps, 1 7-day Golden Deer(B), 1 Horse Racing PointsPack(B), 1 Endurance Book(B), 1 Class 1 Money Bag, 1 Black Burrow Token Scrap, Dragon Soul(P3, P4 or P6) or 5 Rose Petals.


  • Talk to the Fruit Ninja (Twin City, 450, 378) to hear the details of the event.
  • All monsters in the world of Conquer will drop 3 kinds of fruits: watermelons, oranges, and apples. You’ll have to work hard to collect them!
  • The rules are easy! When you get one of the fruits, you can cut it into 3 pieces. But to receive your prize from the Fruit Ninja (Twin City, 450, 378), you have to collect 3 different fruit slices to hand in.


  • You can only get 2 kinds of fruits a day, which means you'll need help from others to collect the ones you need.
  • You can be rewarded by the Fruit Ninja (Twin City, 450, 378) up to 2 times a day.
  • You will get some EXP when you cut up your fruit.
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