Faction Feud

Requirements: Must be a guild member

Time: August 18th to August 30th

Reward: EXP Ball Scraps, Guild Member Pack, Ultimate Guild Pack

NPC: Divine Envoy (Twin City 427, 367)


1. Talk to the Divine Envoy in the Twin City to learn about the whole event.

Faction Feud

2. Your guild leader should sign up for the event and claim a Divine Token from her.

Faction Feud

3. She is able to take guild members to the Errantry Hall, if your guild leader has signed up to take part.

4. The leader can summon a Fairy by using the Divine Token in the Errantry Hall.

5. Guild members can talk to the Fairy to accept the quest and collect some needed materials.

Faction Feud

6. There are four kinds of fairies. Each day your leader decides to summon the fairy, one of them will appear in the position where the Token is used. Also, these four fairies will require you to collect different materials.

Faction Feud

7. After you have collected the items that the fairy wants, return to her and finish the quest, where you will get your reward.

8. Also, you can check how many materials your guild has currently collected. The top guild which has turned in the most materials will be awarded with an Ultimate Guild Pack!

Faction Feud

1. Only your leader is able to summon the fairy. Normal members are not allowed to claim the token.
2. The fairy summoned will fly to heaven at 12:00 am, each day. Your leader will need to use the Token once a day, during the event.
3. Each fairy wants different items, and you can gain them from killing monsters. You need to be aware that if you are 20 levels or higher than the monsters you are killing, you won’t find any materials dropped.
4. There is no limit on times you may try, if you are trying to do the quest the whole day.
5. You will get extra gift pack from the fairy for the first 5 times you hand in your quest items.

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