Egg Smashing

Quest Duration: June 9th 00:00 to June 10th 23:59

Requirements: Level 50 and above

Golden Egg Envoy (Twin City, 428, 381)
Hatcher Manager (Egg Hatchery, 221, 201)

1. Talk to the Golden Egg Envoy (Twin City, 428, 381) to learn the details of this event.

2. Answer the Golden Egg Envoy’s questions to win the hammers you can use to smash the Golden Eggs. You can also buy the hammers from the Hatchery Manager (Egg Hatchery, 221, 201). The hammers will occasionally be dropped by clumsy workers in Twin City. Don’t forget to pick them up if you see one!

3. The Egg Hatchery will be open every 2 hours, starting at 1:00, 3:00, 5:00, 7:00, 9:00, 11:00 and so on. You can enter the hatchery by talking to the Golden Egg Envoy (Twin City, 428, 381).

4. The Golden Eggs will appear every 3 minutes during this half hour. If you can smash them, you could receive a special item! Could be something good, could be something bad... Who knows? You’ll have to find that out for yourself. If you can’t manage to smash the eggs, you will get some money and EXP for your effort.

5. If 300 eggs can be smashed during this half hour, you will see the Big Golden Egg appear! You will be awarded a Lottery Chance if you can smash it!

1. You can only get 30 hammers at most from answering the questions of the Golden Egg Envoy (Twin City, 428, 381).

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