Demon Eggs

Requirements: Level 80 and above

NPC: Demon Egg Dealer (Market 297, 225)


Kill the demon released from the Demon Egg, and then you can receive abundant Silver as reward.


1. During this event, the Demon Egg Dealer will make his way to the Market, where he will be selling 3 types of sealed demon eggs.

  1. a. Demon Eggs cost 100, 000 silver
  2. b. Ancient Demon Eggs cost 500, 000 silver
  3. c. Chaotic Demon Eggs costs 1, 000, 000 silver

Demon Eggs

2. You can purchase the desired Demon Eggs, then break them open to release the demon sealed inside. Defeat it, and you will receive the demon’s cache of silver as a reward! Differnt kinds of demon eggs will give you differnt amounts of Silver rewards.

Demon Eggs

Demon Eggs


  1. You cannot open the demon eggs inside cities or in the Market and you should open it in a quiet place because if other people find and kill the demon you release from the egg, they will get the reward, instead of you.
  2. If you still own some eggs when the event ends, those eggs will disappear and the silver you paid for them will be refunded.
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