Heart in the Chest

Requirement: Level 40 or above

Time: 2012-01-12 00:00 to 2012-01-26 23:59

NPC: Rory (Twin City 433, 361); Gambler Rock (Twin City 438, 361);
Captain Cook [(204,167) (127,106) (111,228) in Dead Land]
Pirate Turner[(136,188) (110.227) (119,158) in Dead Land]
Ranger Swift[(128,60) (123,181) (129,59) in Dead Land]

Reward: Dead Man's Chest'; Ocean Pack


1. Head to Twin City and hear the story from Rory about Davy and Captain Jack.

Heart in the chest

2. You will be able to enter the Dead Land to collect the dead men's chests, if you are qualified.

Heart in the chest

3. Defeat Captain Cook, Pirate Turner, and Ranger Swift, and you will find their chests.

Heart in the chest

4. Don't forget to get the Ocean Key to open those chests! You can win those keys from Gambler Rock by defeating him in a game.

Heart in the chest

5. You may get some pirate treasure or Davy's Heart from the chests. Turn in the heart, and you will be rewarded by Rory.

Heart in the chest

1. Only 3 Davy's Hearts are needed a day from a player.
2. You cannot get more than 10 Ocean keys from Gambler Rock, each time.
3. Ocean Keys are not stackable.
4. Remember to get the chests first, to play the game with Gambler Rock, or he will not speak with you.
4. Captain Cook, Pirate Turner, and Ranger Swift, they only appear once each hour. Be quick to find them when the first two minutes of each hour come!

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