2010 World Cup Carnival

Server Time: Jun 10 - July 12
Requirement: Level 40 and above
World Cup Envoy (Twin City, 433,365)


  1. Talk to the World Cup Envoy (Twin City, 433,365) to learn about the rules for this event.

  2. You will have the chance to get a World Cup Tokens from the monsters you hunt (Except the monsters in the Frozen Grotto).
  3. Support your team 1 time, by handing in 20 tokens to the Envoy. You will get a Fan Card of your team when you make your 10th show of support.
  4. If the team you support enters the Round of 16, you will get the grand prize with your Fan Card!


  1. You will get a Praying Stone and Exp Ball Fragments the first 5 times you make a support donation.
  2. You can change the team you want to support, if you can submit 100 tokens to the World Cup Envoy (Twin City, 433,365).
  3. You will not get the prize, until the end of the world cup.
  4. If you are the #1 fan for your team, and that team enters the Round of 16, you will receive a secret gift!
  5. You won't get the Fan card after the results of the Round of 16 are officially released. But you still can support the team by the tokens.
  • Bound Items Carnival
  • Extra Rewards in Fiend Lair
  • Conquest of Nether
  • Poker King Series CPT
  • Heavenly Ultimate Tournament
  • Champion Basketball Manager
  • PK Tournaments Reward Upgrade