Great Wall Street

Duration: Mar. 13th – Mar. 27th


Total Amount CPs Credited CPs Rebate Discount
5,000 CPs 5,000 CPs 300 CPs 6%
15,000 CPs 10,000 CPs 800 CPs 8%
30,000 CPs 15,000 CPs 1,700 CPs 11.33%
50,000 CPs 20,000 CPs 3,000 CPs 15%
100,000 CPs 50,000 CPs 10,000 CPs 20%

Note: Total Amount means the amount of CPs you have credited in total, and CPs Credited indicates how many CPs you should credit to get a rebate. However, the Discount is based on the CPs you have to credit to meet the requirement for each rebate, for instance, 10,000 divided by 800 equals an 8% discount. The CPs Rebate means the total amount of rebate you'll receive by opening the CP Packs for 20 times. 


  1. During the event, all players who credit a certain amount of CPs will receive CP Packs by clicking the "Rewards" button in-game.
  2. All the CP packs received from this event can be opened after 0:00 on April 1st (PDT). You can open the packs once a day, up to 20 times in total.
  3. All the CPs packs will expire after 23:59 on April 30th, 2014 (PDT).

    Note: There are several payment methods for you to choose from, such as CASHU, CHERRY, POLi, OneCard, Rixty, or Ultimate Game Card. For more details, click here!

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