Imperial Christmas Giveaway

Duration: Dec.8th, Dec.22nd, (Extra: Dec.15th, and Dec.29th) (12:00-12:30 and 20:00- 20:30)

Requirement: All players above level 80.


1. During the event, you can find the Xmas Ambassador (Twin City 435, 450) to enter the Blessing Land. You will be sent to different maps, according to your level. If you want to leave the Blessing Land, you can talk to Blessing Land Controller inside the map, who will bring you back.

2. There are 50 treasure boxes in the Blessing Land when you first enter. Open the treasure boxes, and you may find something surprising! Every 3 minutes, there will be another 50 treasure boxes appear. Each map has a total of 500 treasure boxes.

Note: PvP is allowed in the Blessing Land, and you will gain PK Points when you kill others.

Name Rewards
CP Pack (For Non-Reborn) 1 CP, 2 CPs, 3 CPs.
1st-Reborn CP Pack 2 CPs, 3 CPs, 4 CPs.
2nd-Reborn CP Pack 3 CPs, 4 CPs or 5 CPs.
Little Lottery Ticket Pack (For Non-Reborn) 1 Lottery Ticket Fragment, 2 Lottery Ticket Fragments, or 3 Lottery Ticket Fragments.
1st-Reborn Lottery Ticket Pack 2 Lottery Ticket Fragment, 3 Lottery Ticket Fragments, or 4 Lottery Ticket Fragments.
2nd-Reborn Lottery Ticket Pack 3 Lottery Ticket Fragment, 4 Lottery Ticket Fragments, or 5 Lottery Ticket Fragments.
Silver Pack (For Non-Reborn) 100, 000 Silvers, 200, 000 Silvers, or 300, 000 Silvers.
1st-Reborn Silver Pack 200, 000 Silvers, 300, 000 Silvers, or 400, 000 Silvers.
2nd-Reborn Silver Pack 300, 000 Silvers, 400, 000 Silvers, or 500, 000 Silvers.
Meteor Pack (For Non-Reborn) 1 Meteor, 2 Meteors, or 3 Meteors.
1st-Reborn Meteor Pack 2 Meteors, 3 Meteors, or 4 Meteors.
2nd-Reborn Meteor Pack 3 Meteors, 4 Meteors, or 5 Meteors.

Note: You can exchange 15 Lottery Ticket Fragments for a Small Lottery Ticket. If you need additional Lottery Ticket Fragments, you can buy them from Little Dou (Twin City 435, 353).

1. There will be a boss monster that randomly appears on each map, whose duty is guarding the treasure boxes, and carries a special treasure box. Anyone who kills him will get some fantastic rewards from it!

Name Rewards
Golden CP Pack 30 CPs
1st-Reborn Golden CP Pack 100 CPs
2nd-Reborn Golden CP Pack 300 CPs
Golden Lottery Pack 2 Lottery Tickets
1st-Reborn Golden Lottery Pack 5 Lottery Tickets
2nd-Reborn Golden Lottery Pack 10 Lottery Tickets
Golden Silver Pack 300, 000 Silvers
1st-Reborn Golden Silver Pack 500, 000 Silvers
2nd-Reborn Golden Silver Pack 1, 000, 000 Silvers
Golden Meteor Pack 2 Meteor Scrolls
1st-Reborn Golden Meteor Pack 4 Meteor Scrolls
2nd-Reborn Golden Meteor Pack 8 Meteor Scrolls

2. There will two rounds held each Sunday during the event, from 12:00-12:30 and 20:00- 20:30.

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