Privilege Month of Trojans

Duration: March 20th - April 19th


Starting March 20th, 2014, right after the server maintenance, until April 19th, 2014, before the maintenance, all Trojans above 2nd-reborn can reset the Daily Quests once a day, free of charge.

During the event, the champion of Trojan Class PK War on every Monday will also be rewarded with 5% of EXP, Intelligent Study Pack (5,000 Study Points) and Valiant Chi Pack (3,000 Chi Points).

During the event, the Trojan who leads his/her team to winning the championship of Team PK Tournament and Skill Team PK Tournament will receive Class 9 Money Bag, Dragon Ball Pack (5), and 5 -1 Weapon Accessory Packs!

Note: The Trojan must be the captain of the team.

During the event, if you're a Trojan above 2nd-reborn, you can buy up to 3 Oblivion Dews (B), and up to 5 Power EXP Ball (B) from Mystery Dealer at Job Center at favorable prices! (30 CPs for an Oblivion Dew(B), 999 CPs for an Power EXP Ball(B) )

  1. Daily Quests Privilege
  2. Extra Prize for Trojan Class PK War
  3. Extra Reward for Team PK Tournament & Skill Team PK Tournament
  4. Favorable Prices
  • Weekly Credit Rebate and Prizes
  • Banquet of CPs(B)
  • Golden Finger
  • Kingdomwar
  • August
  • conquer3.0