Bot Jail

TQ is committed to maintaining a fair game environment in Conquer Online. For those who have been caught using illegal programs or other rule violations, you may be put into the Botjail.

You will be able to be released from Botjail by paying the CP fine, as set by the Warden. For each time you are sent to Botjail, the fine will increase. You should pay 2000 CPs for the first time, 5000 CPs for the second time, 10000 CPs for the third time and be never got out of the Botjail for the fourth time.

The main accounts of those who turn to bots or cheats to get illegal items in the game will only be given two chances to be let out of jail, first time 5000 CPs and second time 10000 CPs. If caught again, the account will remain in B otjail forever, without the chance of being released.

Do NOT come to ask for help when it's too late, there will be no second chance! We caution all of you to stay away from these bot/cheat programs, and to play the game fairly!

You will no longer be allowed to send new characters into Botjail, in order to pay the fine.

1, Trade and Drop are not available in Botjail maps.


Times You've Been Botjailed CP Fine To Be Paid
1 2000
2 5000
3 10000


We will continue to strive to make Conquer a safe and cheat-free environment! Let's all work together to make this place great!

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