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Quest - Reborn for iPad

Requirements: There are only two prerequisites to take the quest to be reborn:

Level 120+ (or level 110+ for water taoists).
Celestial Stone (clean water, phoenix gem, dragon gem, moon gem, rainbow gem, violet gem, fury gem, kylin gem).

Note: Water devils on the adventure sometimes drop clean water.

1. Prepare 7 normal gems and a bottle of clean water. You can dig gems from the Mine Caves in each major city map, and get Clean Water from a monster known as a water devil in the Adventure Islands.
2. Take them to Celestine (Twin City 365,92). He will take your gems and clean water and give you a magic celestial stone.
3. Take the Celestial Stone to Rebirth Master (Market 210,212), speak to Rebirth Master and you can be reborn.
i. You can select a new class and the size of your character.
ii. You may choose to get a random super gem or randomly add the blessed attribute to one piece of your equipment.
Note: Each class will get a unique weapon after the first rebirth except Ninja and Monk/Saint.