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Introduction of Conquer Online for iPad

General Introduction
Conquer Online is a free-to-play 2.5D MMORPG set in the world of ancient China. Set in a wonderfully beautiful and rich fantasy world, you control a strong and gallant hero, slaying dangerous monsters, completing perilous quests and having the most fun of your life! The game revealed its first debut back in 2003 and currently has more than 10 million registered users around the world. The game has a massive player base and simple gameplay. The combat is fast paced and fluid and it offers a myriad of fun PvP options. Besides, the game has a boat load of features.

1. Six Unique Classes
There are six awesome base classes in Conquer Online, each with a unique set of skills and powers that they can unleash upon their enemies. You can also play a male or female character, and customize your look, hairstyle, clothes and portrait.

Monk/Saint Ninja Archer Taoist Trojan Warrior

2. Simple Gameplay, Fast paced Level-up & Combat
Conquer Online's gameplay is fairy simple, players can master the operations in a few minutes. The game's combat is fast paced and fluid, skills and spells have great animations and the game has a lot of addicting playability. The unique 'XP Skill' grants players to deal devastating amount of damage within a certain period of time. It's fast to level up.

3. Customization & Equipment System:
The game has a wide range of item options and a sophisticated equipment and upgrading system which allows players of different classes to gain extra attributes and powers through their gear. There are hundreds of different weapons and accessories and the upgrading methods are bountiful.

4. Open PVP & Various PK Platforms
Conquer Online has an open PVP environment, meaning anyone can be killed at anytime by another player. It's controversial but also it's the core feature of the game. The PK looks simple but actually it requires a skillful operation. Players are addicted to it. The game offers players a broad range of interactive PVP/ PK platforms, including various solo, group, and even inter-server PK events like Guild War, class PK tournament, team PK tournament, clan war…and lot more. Lately the game has successfully held an inter-server PK tournament (known as World Elite PK Tournament), in which all the winners from 68 different servers got together and compete. It attracted a lot of players from all over the world to join.

5. Bosses
Unlike other monsters in game, the bosses are elaborately designed and much more challenging and the rewards are much better.

6. Rebirth System
In the world of Conquer, Rebirth is like a continuation of your life. Your character is born again as a new class and profession when reaching the level 120, which leaves you free to continue your training to achieve perfection! Reborn characters are much more powerful than newborns, with more Battle Power, more abilities, better skills and a more striking appearance. Different Rebirth Combo will lead to different results in battle power.

7. Massive Captivating Quests & Events
The game has a very engaging quest system, just to ensure that players have enough things to do and experience. The starter quests help new players get through the newbie stage very smoothly. Besides, the game has lots of captivating on-line and off-line events.

Other Features
1. Steed system: Horse Racing
2. House System: the house provides independent room for players. Players can arrange furniture, entertain friends, bring husband or wife home or store personal items.
3. Weapon accessories: the Weapon accessories are decorative items that supplement weapons and make them stylish.