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CPT Poker King Series - First Poker King Series in History. Who's Gonna Take the Throne?

CPT Guide

CPT(Conquer Online Poker Tournament)-Poker King Series is a series of Texas Hold’em Poker events built by CO Poker Club. It aims to provide high quality and highly rewarding events for Poker Players.

15th Anniversary Carnival CPT----Poker King Series.

Poker Season I: May 24th-May 30th
Poker Season II: May 31th-June 6th
Poker Season III: June 7th-June 13th
iPhone X Match: June 15th

Reward will be given and Season Points will be recounted after each season. (If you win the cash or iPhone X, GM will contact you within 7 work days.)

Reward of Poker Season

Series Season Points Reward
Expert 1000 1,000 L.E. Cash+CPT-iPhone X Ticket
Veteran 500 CPT-iPhone X Ticket+ 5KK Silver
Elite 250 CPT-iPhone X Ticket
Rookie 60 2.8 KK Silver

Reward of Season Points Rank

Rank Reward
1 200KK Silver
2 100KK Silver
3 50KK Silver
4-8 10 KK Silver

Range of participants: Except Server NewWorld,NewChallenge_EU,BloomOfDeath_EU

CPT Schedule

CPT Hall of Fame

Rank Server Character Name Points Reward
1 Faith _ana_YaSminA 850 CPT-iPhone X Ticket+ 5KK Silver
2 Snowfall 7aDeR#Mot 400 CPT-iPhone X Ticket
3 Gryphon Golden_Arrow 293 CPT-iPhone X Ticket
4 Volcano Seifer~Entreri 85 2.8 KK Silver
5 Dark fjghdfghsdfgdf 85 2.8 KK Silver
6 Mercury &momn& 85 2.8 KK Silver
7 Volcano strenger 85 2.8 KK Silver
8 Volcano strenger1 85 2.8 KK Silver
9 Lightning **asd**f 80 2.8 KK Silver
10 LGOKER Seifer~Entreri 80 2.8 KK Silver
11 Kylin aopayasr 80 2.8 KK Silver
12 Lightning >︱MrZandy︱< 80 2.8 KK Silver
13 Phoenix Zack!Damondo 80 2.8 KK Silver
14 SnowWhite xTra 80 2.8 KK Silver