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New Feature
  • Data Sharing

    Pocket Poker share data with Conquer of PC version. You can log in Pocket Poker by your Conquer account.

    Choose server and enter your account in login interface, and then chose a character below. Only the appearance of your character will be changed, the items and silvers will remain the same as on Conquer of PC version.

    You could start the game immediately if you have enough silver in your character.

  • Real-time Competition

    You can compete with players of Conquer of PC version on Poker Pocket.

    As you can see, the picture below shows the tables. Is it similar to the tables in Poker Room?

    Yes, you’re right. The Tables in Pocket Poker are correspondent to the PC version. Table 1 in Pocket Poker is the same as table 1 in Poker Room.

New Interface
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
  • 12
  • 13
Hot Event

Pocket Poker Gift Pack

Time: August.25th-September.30th

In order to celebrate the release of Pocket Poker, all players will receive a pack, containing colorful balloons and mysterious gift!

CP Rain

Time: August.25th-September.30th

All players who download Pocket Poker during the event time, and log in with CO account will be rewarded with 1000CPs(B)!

Note: CPs can only be claimed and used on Conquer of PC version.

Silvers Grand Sales

Time: August.25th-September.8th

How could there be no Silvers Sales to celebrate the release of Pocket Poker?

You can find NPC in Poker Room(77,93), Market(192,175), and Twin City (323,250) to buy the money bag with the lowest price ever!

Name Description Price
Top Money Bag
500KK silvers 7100 CPs
Honorable Money Bag
200kk silvers 2900 CPs
Class5 Money Bag
5kk silvers 90 CPs
Million Silver Bag
1kk silvers 20 CPs

Golden Finger

Time: August.25th-September.30th

Here comes the most exciting event Golden Finger! There are four kinds of Miracle Stones 1 million, 5 million, 1o million and 20 million, to meet the needs of different players. Try your luck to win 1 billion!

Facebook Event

Time: August.25th-September.24th

1. Play Poker Pocket to Win silvers: Play Poker Pocket and post the screenshot on CO Poker Club, you will have a chance to win 500k-50kk silvers as reward!

2. Five Star Rate: Rate five 5 stars on App Store or GooglePlay and show us the screenshot of your rate on CO Poker Club, you will also have an opportunity to win 500k-50kk silvers.

3. Share the download link of Poker Pocket on Facebook, and you may be able to win 100KK silvers! The number of the winners depends on the repost times.

For more details of Facebook event, please refer to CO Poker Club!