Background Story

Ho Wan was the prime minister of the country. Under his watch, the country was prosperous and the people were at peace. However, the Emperor was controlled by a courtier who was later turned out to be the King of Evil in disguise. A large number of loyal officials were killed and the whole country was sinking into chaos. Ho Wan was relegated to watch the imperial library, away from the central power.

Though being demoted, Ho Wan remained faithful to the country. He refined the combat skills into two branches focusing on melee and ranged combat and developed an ability to control the wind power with a folding fan by concentrating on the studies of martial arts and magic books in the library. Meanwhile, Ho Wan gathered a group of heroes to fight against the King of Evil in secret. The group would later evolve into the Windwalker school.

However, Ho Wan failed to stop the irrational rebels led by King of Evil, he blamed himself for all the disasters and killed the Emperor to preserve the dignity of the imperial power. Before dying, Ho Wan asked his Windwalker followers to guard the imperial mausoleum for a hundred years to atone for his crime.

The new Emperor succeeded to the throne and pardoned Ho's crime aware of his loyalty. Now that the Windwalkers have completed their service in the mausoleum, but hell devils are running rampant again. For the sake of Justice, Windwalkers decided to work with other classes to bring peace back to the country.

Windwalker's Dual-Role Play

  • Ranged

  • Melee

"Might of Shadow Fan" expansion will bring a brand-new fighting experience with Windwalker's unique ways of playing. You can switch freely between melee and ranged combat style with no need to change weapon, one class, dual-role play!

Windwalker need to talk to class guiding NPC in Job Center to switch between melee and ranged combat style. The unprecedented skills of Windwalker will bring more changes to the battlefield. More advanced techniques will be developed and new gaming mechanics will be applied, bringing the competition in game to a higher level.

  • Omnipotence

    Windwalker XP skill. Equip Windwalker fan in both hands to cast. Cast it to enter Omnipotence status which deals 10% of normal damage on enemies within 12 paces (350% damage on monsters), increases normal attack`s damage on monsters by 500%, and enhances the effects of Swirling Storm and Burnt Frost.

Note: For some skills, the damage amount and effect time varies according to skill level, and not all the Windwalker skills are shown here, please check the complete information here.


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