Jiang Hu Training Discount

Duration: Jan. 24th - Feb. 13th


During the event, you will receive training pills for Jiang Hu when you credit CPs.

CPs Credited Free Gifts Discount off
5,000 CPs Favored Training Pill x10, Senior Training Pill x3 5%
10,000 CPs Favored Training Pill x10, Senior Training Pill x4 6%
20,000 CPs Favored Training Pill x15, Senior Training Pill x11 7%
35,000 CPs Favored Training Pill x25, Senior Training Pill x20 8.3%
55,000 CPs Favored Training Pill x40, Senior Training Pill x34 10.5%
100,000 CPs Favored Training Pill x100, Senior Training Pill x98 13.1%

You can receive the gifts shown in the chart above by clicking the "Reward" button in-game.

Note: The Favored Training Pill can be used to perform the normal training in Jiang Hu for free, and Senior Training Pill will increase the rate of acquiring an Ultra attribute in Jiang Hu.

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