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Friday Giveback - Smash the golden egg to win grand gift on Friday for free!

Date: 2023-11-14 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Duration: Nov. 14th to 27th, 2023

Server: All servers



1. During the event, all heroes who credit TQ Point Cards will receive a corresponding number of GoldenHammers.

Credit Amount

Golden Hammer















2. Smash eggs to win rewards in the Friday Giveback! Heroes can spend 20 Golden Hammers to smash an egg and receive a surprise reward, or spend 100 Golden Hammers to smash five eggs in a row.

Each egg smash will grant a surprise Black Friday reward. Refer to the table below for the reward list:

Rewards (Random One Per Smash)

5 Small Lottery Tickets

5 Lunar Lottery Tickets

2,000 Chi Points

2,000 Study Points

5 L1 Mythsoul Packs

1 Awakening Selection Box (S)

12 Enchanting Flames

1 Soul Fruit

50 Universal Rune Essences (B)

+5 Stone (B)

100 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Radiant Star Stone

2 L2 Mythsoul Packs

10 Spiritual Flames

1 Awakening Selection Box (M) & 1  Awakening Selection Box (S)

1 Cosmos Hammer (B)

Blessed 5S Garment (B) Pack

Rare Yellow Rune Pack (+1)

Pack Description:

Gift Pack


Blessed 5S Garment (B) Pack

(Open to select one garment)

Pure Fragrant Lotus (B)

Celeste Gorget (B)

Lunar Sheen (Tenderness) (B)

Indigo Dream (Fantasy) (B)

Rosy Haze (Splendor) (B)

Midsummer Dream (Love) (B)

Fantasy Ball (Diamond) (B)

Frozen Crest (Frost) (B)

Golden Slumber (Glory) (B)

Temping Wraith (Feast) (B)

Lipid Milky Dream (B)

Devil Micheal Myers (B)

Turkey Hunter (B)

Pistil Sprite (Glamour) (B)

Floral Damask (Colorful) (B)

For more informations, you can click here or the "Event page" button in the game.

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