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More Rare Yellow Runes will Be on Sale in Treasure Shopping Mall Starting from Sept. 12th!

Date: 2023-09-12 01:00 Source: Official Views:
Attention, heroes!
14D Strike Booster (+9) (B), 14D Wild Cleave (+9) (B) and Scrap Selection Box will be on sale in Treasure Shopping Mall starting from Sept. 12th.

New Items:

Item Price Description Duration
14D Strike Booster (+9) Box (B) $35.99 Open to get a 14-day Strike Booster (+9) (B). A limited edition Universal Rune that Rune trial chests may offer. Passive: Increases the critical damage dealt by 30%. Long Term
14D Wild Cleave (+9) Box (B) $35.99 Open to get a 14-day Wild Cleave (+9) (B). Equip this limited Universal Rune to get the Wild Cleave skill that grants your attack a 100% chance to ignore 100% defense of the target`s shield and bonus defense. Long Term
Scrap Selection Box (B) $24.99 Open to choose 10 Universal String Scraps/10 Universal Pet Scraps. Long Term
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