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Enter the Divine Contest to Win Multiple Rewards from Aug.24th to Sep.06th

Date: 2022-08-24 06:00 Source: Official Views:

Attention, heroes!

The Divine Contest will be held from Aug.24th to Sep.06th, heroes can enter the contest to win multiple rewards, please check out the details below.

Divine Contest
Aug.24th to Sep.06th

Holy Wings
  Divine Rankings

10000 CPs (B), 3 Medium Awakening Pack, 2 New L3 Mythsoul Packs and 20 Holy Feathers

5000 CPs (B), 2 Medium Awakening Pack, 1 NewL3 Mythsoul Pack and 10 Holy Feathers
2000 CPs (B), 5 Primary Awakening Pack, 4 NewL2 Mythsoul Packs and 5 Holy Feathers
1000 CPs (B), 2 Primary Awakening Pack, 2 NewL2 Mythsoul Pack and 2 Holy Feathers

Holy Feather 
Combine 20 feathers into a pair of Holy Wings
All servers
Note: The ranking is not available in Chimera server.
2nd rebirth level 80
Reward Claiming Times
No limit
Twin City
Key Items

Divine Diamond
Get it from the ancient battlefield. They’ll be turned into Diamond Coins after each contest. Use them to exchange for Permanent Stones (B), Red Bodhi Beans, Radiant Star Stones and more rewards with Lee before Jan. 24th.

Diamond Coin
The Divine Diamonds will be turned into Diamond Coins after each contest. Use them to exchange for Permanent Stones (B), Red Bodhi Beans, Radiant Star Stones and more rewards with Lee before Jan. 24th.
Key NPCs

Lee (Twin City 316,435) 

Commander (L80-99)
(Preparation Zone 241,240)

Commander (L100-119)
(Preparation Zone 247,233)

Commander (L120-129)
(Preparation Zone 255,242)

Commander (L130)
(Preparation Zone 249,248)
Brief Walkthrough
  • 1. Talk to Lee in Twin City (316,435) to learn about the detailed information of Divine Contest.
  • 2. Lee will send you to the Preparation Zone from 15:00 to 21:00, Aug.24th to Sep.06th.
  • 3. Talk to the Commander of your level in the Preparation Zone (249,248) to enter the ancient battlefield
  • 4. Claim a goal-achieving reward from the Commander if you’ve achieved a certain goal.
  • 5. After each contest, the Divine Diamonds will be turned into Diamond Coins, which can be used to exchange for abundant rewards with Lee.
  • 6. You’ll be ranked according to the Diamond Coins you have at the end of the event. The top 10 heroes will be nicely rewarded!
Detailed Walkthrough
The King of Adventure, Lee, has found an ancient battlefield full of precious Divine Diamonds. He’s here in Twin City to invite more heroes to grab those Divine Diamonds.

You learned about the cruelty of the battlefield, but you still decided to go for it!

There are 4 Commanders in the Preparation Zone, guarding 4 different battlefields. They’ll tell you the rules about the Divine Contest!
For L130+ heroes, the contest will begin when it reaches 20 heroes.

For heroes below L130, the contest will begin when it reaches 10 heroes.

Check your level and enter the corresponding battlefield, and then you’ll be able to grab those precious Divine Diamonds in the contest!
Half of your Divine Diamonds will drop to the ground if you’re defeated, but you’ll be invincible for 10 seconds after reviving.
Of course, you can pick up other heroes’ Divine Diamonds if they’re defeated.

Go talk to the Commander to claim a goal-achieving reward when you’ve achieved a certain goal.

You’ve gained quite a lot of Divine Diamonds after the intense battle. Those Divine Diamonds are turned into Diamond Coins! Go exchange them for abundant rewards with Lee!

At the end of the event, the top 10 heroes who have got the most Divine Diamonds can visit the offline event page to claim nice prizes! For more informatin, you can click "Page Center" in game.

Note: Only heroes from the L130+ battlefield will be qualified to get ranked. (The rankings will only calculate the number of Divine Diamonds in the L130+ battlefield. Your rebirth later won’t affect your rank, but the Divine Diamonds you get from other battlefields after your rebirth will not be counted.)
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