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Colorful Furnace - New Mounts Armor for Coloring

Date: 2022-08-09 00:00 Source: Official Views:

Quest: Colorful Furnace
Duration: Aug. 9th - Aug. 21st
Requirement: Level 80+
Key NPC: Lingxu Taoist (Twin City 355,456)

Furnace Beast (Twin City 355,460)

For more infomation, you can click "Event Page" button in game.

1. Make Pills in Colorful Furnace

Talk to Lingxu Taoist and use the Colorful Furnace to make pills, and you’ll receive Colorful Pills, Pill Shards, pill-making EXP and even the Elements Elixir. The higher the pill-making EXP, the higher the Colorful Furnace level, and the more furnaces will be available.

2. Get Cinnabars in Colorful Trial Ground

Talk to Furnace Beast to enter the Colorful Trial Ground. Defeat monsters there to get Cinnabars or purchase them from the CP Mall. Use Cinnabars to shorten the pill-making time.

3. Open your wardrobe and click “Color Change” to consume Colorful Pills to change the color of your Mount Armor, and then you may use Color Fixing Pills to make the new color stay permanently!

Ranking Rewards:




1 Rare Yellow Rune Pack (B), 10 Radiant Star Stones and 1000 Universal Rune Essences (B)


20 Rare Yellow Rune Fragments (B), 8 Radiant Star Stones and 800 Universal Rune Essences (B)


15 Rare Yellow Rune Fragments (B), 6 Radiant Star Stones and 600 Universal Rune Essences (B)


10 Rare Yellow Rune Fragments (B), 6 Radiant Star Stones and 400 Universal Rune Essences (B)

Note: Collect at least 23000 points to get ranked.


  1. Colorful Pills can be used to change the color of your Mount Armor.
  2. Use Elements Elixir to gain the corresponding Aura. Every set of Elements Aura will get you an extra reward.
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  • New Server Reservation
  • Share the Graceful Moonlight Together
  • Transform & Fight
  • Divine Contest
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Soaring Archers
  • Reset First-Credit Gift
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Super Conquer Mall
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