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Credit via Razer Gold to Enjoy Exclusive Benefits from Jan. 11th to Jan. 25th

Date: 2022-01-10 17:11 Source: Official Views:
Greetings, heroes!
Thanks to Razer Gold, we are having the Razer Gold Credit Rebate event again at the beginning of 2022. Razer Gold provides a lot of Bonus Gold Vouchers as reward in the credit rebate. Please check out the details below. 
Duration: Jan. 11th to Jan. 25th Server Time
Note: Only one character under an account can participate in the event, please do not transfer server during the event.
Credit Rebate
During the event, heroes credit any amount via Razer Gold will get CPs (B) as rewards.
After crediting a TQ Point Card via Razer Gold, you can click the Claim button on the page to claim your rewards.
TQ Point Card Price
9 CPs (B)
21 CPs (B)
51 CPs (B)
96 CPs (B)
240 CPs (B)
600 CPs (B)
1,290 CPs (B)
Note: If you buy $285 Card, you can claim 5 times rewards of $59.99, namely 6450 CPs (B).
Players will also be ranked by the CPs they credit via Razer Gold, the top players will be nicely rewarded.
CPs (B) Rebate for Top 10 Players in Each Language
After the event ends, the top 10 players can get additional CPs (B) according to the total credit CPs.
CPs (B) Rebate
15% of the total credit CPs
10% of the total credit CPs
This event is co-organized in three languages (English Conquer Online, Arabic Conquer Online and Spanish Conquer Online). Besides the CPs (B) reward, Razer Gold provides a lot of Bonus Gold Vouchers as reward.
Ranking Reward for Top 1 Player in All 3 Languages
1 Razer $210 Bonus Gold Voucher
Ranking Rewards for Top 5 Players in Each Language
1 Razer $120 Bonus Gold Voucher
1 Razer $90 Bonus Gold Voucher
1 Razer $60 Bonus Gold Voucher
1 Razer $30 Bonus Gold Voucher
Rewards for Lucky Players
For all players (English, Arabic, Spanish) participating in the event, as long as you credit more than $29.99, we will draw 10 lucky players to issue each player 1 Razer $30 Bonus Gold Voucher as reward.
After the event ends, we will announce the lucky players list on our official website.
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