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New Server Nostalgia will Open in January (Use Only YH Conquer Point Card)

Date: 2018-12-24 00:56 Source: Official Views:

Greetings, heroes!

We will open a new type of server in January, 2019. It is named Nostalgia and it is a US server. Here is something you should know about this server. 

Purchase Conquer Point Cards in Server Nostalgia

If you credit by Conquer codes in this server, you can only use Conquer Point Cards starting with "YH" (e.g. YH12345678). You can buy the YH cards from Mr Mino: 

And you can buy these cards in advance now if you want to play in this server. Or you can credit by PayPal, POLI AU, Skrill, Adyen and OneCard after the server opens. 

New Server Features

Old Map 
The new server will use old the Twin City map.

Equipment and Item Recycle 
The equipments and Items you have in the server can be recycled, you can exchange them for CPs, the amount of CPs you can get depends on the Compose and Socket status of the equipment. 

Compose Point Lottery 
You can play lottery with the compose points in your equipment, you have chance to get more compose points and even USD Coupon in it. The USD Coupons can be exchanged for cash. 

Credit Rebate 
Like LasVegas server, for every Card you credit in Nostalgia, you will get the same amount of CPs as rebate. You can claim the rebate in an offline event page. 

All the Ways to Win CPs 
Nostalgia has all the ways to win CPs just like LasVegas server, 10000 CPs Demon Box, 19th Floor of Fiend Lair, 1000 CPs One-armed Bandit, etc.  

Try Luck on Items 
You can try your luck on items like + Stone, Dragon Ball and permanent stone. For example, if you try luck on a +3 Stone you have, you may get a +4, +5, +6, +7 and even +8 Stone as return, but you may also get a +1 stone instead.  

The opening date of the new server is not confirmed yet, and more information will be released soon, please stay tuned.


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