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Notice Regarding TQ Point Card Credit in LasVegas Server

Date: 2018-08-13 23:25 Source: Official Views:

Note: For every Card you credit in LasVegas server, you will get the same amount of CPs as rebate on th Credit Rebate page.

Attention, heroes!

TQ Point Card credit in new server LasVegas is a little bit different from other servers, please check out the details below.

1. Players can use Paypal, TQ Point Card starting with YH, Poli_AU, Skrill, OneCard (Payment Center: Under E-Wallet channels, not Prepaid channels), Adyen and Bank Transfer to credit to new server LasVegas.

2. When you credit to LasVegas server at Credit TQ Point Card page, you can only use TQ Point Cards starting with "YH" (e.g. YH12345678).

3. To purchase TQ Point Cards starting with "YH", please contact Mr Mino on Facebook or call him directly, his phone number is 01273167444

4. You can purchase Bulk Pack with Western Union in LasVegas server. A Bulk Pack contains five 59.99 TQ Cards (21000 CPs in total). It is a 5% discount.

5. For Bank Transfer, players from all around the world can use Wire Transfer (USA), Direct Deposit (USA), Telegraphic Transfer (HK) to purchase TQ Cards. What's more, when you choose Bank Transfer to purchase TQ Cards in LasVegas server, you will enjoy a corresponding discount, check out the details below.


Original Price Amount of 59.99 Cards Discount The Price After Discount
299.5 USD 5 5% 285 USD
599.99 USD 10 7% 558 USD
1199.8 USD 20 10% 1080 USD

Note: Please contact for more information about the Bank Transfer payment, and please tell the game server you want to credit in the purchase information.

If you are playing in LasVegas server, please plan your purchase accordingly, your understanding will be highly appreciated.

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