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Runes Related Report--Monk

Date: 2018-01-17 00:19 Source: Official Views:
In the last issue we updated Runes of Dragon Warrior and we have received feedback from heroes. We appreciate your support. Today we are going to learn about Runes of Monk!
Red Runes Skill:Jack
1. Give Monk a chance to be immune to control skills.
2. The immune result depends on many factors including BP difference and immune chance offered by Jack.
3. The following skill types may provoke the immune response:
    Dizziness, etc.
         Note: This passive rune doesn’t work in special combat maps.
Blue Runes Skill:Guard
1. Summon a “Shield” to absorb 350,000 damage for a period of time. (The shield is presented as a protection status.)
  Use this shield to absorb damage first when get hit.
  The shield will disappear when its duration runs out or reaching its capacity of damage absorption.
Note: above content is beta version. Please check for details in the update.
Thanks a lot for viewing. Go to our website to check more exciting and amazing news. We will present spoiler of Runes of Archer. Stay tuned!
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