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Ultimate Team Building: First Phase 5 Team Revealed!

Date: 2015-03-25 04:05 Source: Official Views:

Almost a week into the Ultimate Team Building event, the CO team is glad to announce that the first Phase 5 team has come into being! Let's behold the first team that did it with their team efforts here.

Gorgeous view, isn't it?

Congratulations to the *Commander* team on achieving such a goal with only 7 days, and leading the race with a large margin over the 2nd-place the Mercury team. Though reaching Phase 5 doesn't mean you're safe with your rank, it proves that the teamwork has paid off. In addition, the more points you obtain, the higher rank you'll get, which will give you the chance to land the ultimate CP rewards!

Rank Reward
1st 50,000 CPs
2nd 30,000 CPs
3rd 20,000 CPs

Keep upgrading your team buildings, and the ultimate CP rewards will be yours to claim!

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