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Hall of Fame: Induct Yourself to Be a Hall of Famer!

Date: Jun 20 2014 05:03:37 Source: Official Views:

Since the introduction of the Hall of Fame in the CO world, many qualified players have registered their names and been inducted to be Hall of Famers! That's true, as an honorable warrior in-game, a special garment for each Hall of Famer has been given. Do you want to put it on your character? I bet you do!

As of June 20th, there are 87 qualified Hall of Famers on data, yet 37 of them are still out there, being reluctant to join the Hall of Fame. We'd like to call upon all 37 Hall of Famers to join the Hall of Fame, and enjoy the honor you'll ever receive in the world of Conquer!

Check out more details in the Hall of Fame, here!