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Capture the Flag for iPad

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Guild Controller (Twin City 350,337)

Every Saturday, 21:00-22:00

1. What is Capture the Flag?
Capture the Flag is a new arena for your guild to establish your fame and honor. If you are interested in it, speak with the Guild Controller in Twin City (350,337) to learn more!

All guild members can talk to the Guild Controller from 21:00 to 22:00 to enter the CTF Arena and fight with their guild to capture the Flag of Honor. There is no level limitation for participants.

2. CTF Arena
After you enter the CTF Arena, you will find 3 unoccupied flag bases in the Capture the Flag arena. Attack the flag base to capture it for your guild. After your guild occupies a flag base, the location of the flag base will be marked with a yellow icon on the mini map.

There are also some flags scattered around the arena. Seize a flag, then carry and plant it in the flag base your guild occupies within 60 seconds to gain points for your guild. You can jump, ride a horse, or use the acceleration skills in order to return to the flag base. Remember to avoid the members of the opposing guilds and find protection from your guild members! Once you are attacked by members of an opposing guild, you will lose the flag you are carrying!

Carry the Flag back to the flag base and the flag you seized will be planted in the base, earning you some points for your guild! The guild with the highest points at the end will win the CTF contest! The top 8 guilds will also be ranked.

Flag carriers will be marked on the mini map, and the mark will move as the flag carrier moves. All players in the CTF Arena can see the location of the Flag Carrier, including your enemies. So, guild members should protect the flag carrier of your guild at all costs!

If you are killed during the Capture the Flag Contest, you will be revived in a Safe Zone. PKing is not allowed in the Safe Zone. Meanwhile, you can buy some necessary items there. You can also find the Guild Keeper to return to Twin City, if you want to quit.

During the Capture the Flag Contest, you will gain exploits by slaying enemy guild members, buffing your guild members, reviving guild members, and using Soul Shackle on enemy guild members' souls. Also, you will gain points for your guild by seizing the flag and slaying enemy flag carriers and taking the flag they are carrying. After you carry the flag back and plant it in the Flag Base, the flag is captured and your guild will receive 10 points. All your guild members who protect the flag and the flag carrier all the way back to the flag base will gain an additional 2 exploits.

3. Rewards.
1. Rewards for Guild Members
Before the Contest is started, the Guild Leaders can set the rewards for the Capture the Flag Contest.

During the Capture the Flag Contest, Guild Leaders can also set or edit the reward for their guild members.

After the Capture the Flag Contest, guild members can claim their rewards according to their contribution in the Capture the Flag Contest.

If none of the Guild members have Exploits (only have Guild Points), the reward will be given to a random Guild member.

2. Rewards for Guilds
When the event is over, prizes will be automatically sent to the top 8 guilds as guild fund. The guild leaders and deputy leaders of the top 8 guilds do not need to claim the prizes from NPCs.


Here below are the rewards for the TOP 8 Guilds.

Rank Silver (Million) CPs
1 120 3,000
2 100 2,000
3 80 1,000
4 65 600
5 50 500
6 40 400
7 30 300
8 20 200