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Quest - The Second Rebirth for iPad

Quest Overview: There are many tricks and trials in 2nd-rebirth quest. Here are some brief notes about the quest:

Requirements: Level 120+, already have been reborn once.

Map Details: It is a PK map, so be careful of the strong monsters, robbers and PKers.

Items Required: Moss, Dream Grass, Soul Aroma, Ghost Horn, Feather Stone, Squama Bead, Immortal Stone, Vigor Fragment, Impure Vigor, and Pure Vigor.

Seven Special Items:
Evil Tooth, Ghost Horn, Feather Stone, Immortal Stone, Vigor Fragment, Impure Vigor and Pure Vigor have their own peculiarities:
i. When you get killed, they will not drop.
ii. They can't be stored in the warehouse or your item box.
iii. They can't be traded or sold in the market.
iv. When they are dropped on the ground, they will disappear immediately.


Market: Rebirth Master (210,212)
Love Canyon: Carl (369,309)
Devil Abyss: Arthur (607,637), Bryan (609,633), Angela (611,638), Stanley (617,639), Bruce (601,641), Earth Seal (444,878), Water Seal (883,447), Fire Seal (920,929), Satan Seal (331,340), Cleansing Stove (715,744)

Stage One: Vigor: Vigor: The first step is to gather 3 Pure Vigors.

1a: Find Rebirth Master / Go To Devil Abyss: Talk to Rebirth Master in the Market, and he will send you to the Devil Abyss if you meet the requirements.
1b: Moss, Dream Grass, and Soul Aroma: Find Arthur and start the first stage. Kill monsters in the Devil Abyss to find Moss, Dream Grass and Soul Aroma.

1c. Three Ghost Horns: Bring Moss, Dream Grass, and Soul Aroma to Earth Seal (444,878) which looks like a crystal. When you arrive, Hill Spirit will appear. Kill it to get a Ghost Horn.

Tips: You must summon the hill spirit and kill it by yourself (without help from summons!) Otherwise, it won't drop a Ghost Horn and the quest will be severed.

Remember you have to get 3 Ghost Horns.

1d: 3 Feather Stones: Give 3 Ghost Horns to Arthur, and he'll make an Evil Tooth for you. Find Water Seal on the middle-right of the map (883,447) and kill the Swift Devil, who will drop a Feather Stone.

Remember you have to get 3 Feather Stones.

1e: 3 Vigor Fragments: Give Arthur 3 Feather Stones and he will make an Immortal Stone. Take the Immortal Stone, Moss, Dream Grass and Soul Aroma to Fireseal in the south (920,929). Kill Banshee to get a Vigor Fragment.

Remember you have to get 3 Vigor Fragments.

1f: 3 Pure Vigors:Give Arthur 3 Vigor Fragments and he will make an Impure Vigor for you. Put the Impure Vigor into the Cleansing Stove (715,744), and then a Cleansing Devil will appear. You have to kill it and try to get a Pure Vigor.

Remember you have to get Pure Vigors.

Stage Two: Mountain Of Greivance: Destroy the minions and raze the mountain of Greivance to the ground!

2a: Take Vigors and Find Bryan: Give 3 Pure Vigors to Arthur, and he will recommend you to Bryan.

2b: Accept Quest: Bryan will ask you to raze the mountain of Grievance to the ground by killing different monsters.

2c: Raze the Mountain: The Mountain of Grievance is 40,000 meters high and was formed by the grievance of dead souls. The mountain will sink meters when you kill monsters.

You can ask Bryan how high the mountain is at any time. After you have razed the mountain of grievance to the ground, talk to Bryan again, and he will introduce Angela to you.

Stage Three: Save 8 Souls & Kill Satan: Angela will tell you she is a warden and has 8 guards, but needs you to kill Satan.

3a: Break 8 Curses: You should break 8 curses in this order: Andrew, Peter, Philip, Timothy, Daphne, Victoria, Wayne and Theodore.

The Binding Curse will shed 2400 drops of blood each round. Do it repeatedly until the Binding Curse sheds all of its blood.

Try to pick up Squama Beads, which are essential to open Satan's Seal.

Note: Squama Beads can be traded, so you may buy them from other people. But, you can't summon Satan with the Squama Bead unless you have completed 3a.

3b: Kill Satan: Satan is in the Satan Seal (331,340). Use a Squama Bead to open the seal, and then kill Satan.

3c. Be Reborn Again: Now, all trials are over. Go back and find Rebirth Master, and he will help you be reborn again!

Note: A Hateful Token can be exchanged for 1/3 of an Exp Ball with Clerk Duan (Twin City 470,351).