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Small Boss Hunting for iPad

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Quest Name Small Boss Hunting
Rewards 1. Each team member will receive 10 Study points
2. Character level based Martial Soul drops, Equipment Accessory drops, Refinery Pack drops.
Requirement Character level no higher than 5 levels above the Boss level, or you will receive no rewards from the bosses.
Location Wind Plain, Maple Forest, Love Canyon, Desert, Bird Island, Mystic Cave


  1. Just as the Terato Dragon is busy bearing down on humankind with its hellish attacks, packs of the smaller, yet still powerful monsters are roaming the world map, transporting Martial Souls, Equipment Accessory and Refinery Packs back to their dens! The time has come to hunt them, and claim these valuable items for ourselves!
  2. These bosses are much more powerful than normal monsters, you had better team up to kill them.
  3. These small bosses are no pushovers, and they can cast special magic. You will need to team up with other players and wait for the spells to wear off, if you hope to slay them. You'll get 10 study points each after killing a small boss.
  4. Respawn time: 60 minutes


  1. Character level based Martial Souls refer to the Martial Souls with levels similar to the player's current character level.
  2. Character level based means players won't gain any Study Points or drops mentioned above, if their character levels are more than 5 levels above the Boss' level.

Wind Plain

Flying Rooster
Level 3
Blue Cooer
Level 10
Game Bird
Level 15
War Ghost
Level 20

Maple Forest

Fire Snake
Level 30
Cateran Boss
Level 35
Blue Elf
Level 40
Elf King
Level 45

Love Canyon

Smart Monkey
Level 50
Roaring Ape
Level 55
Snow Ape
Level 60
Crazy Snake
Level 65


Sand Devil
Level 70
Mount Monster
Level 75
Stone Monster
Level 80
Blade Monster
Level 85

Bird Island

Bird King
Level 90
Silver Hawk
Level 95
Level 100

Mystic Cave

Flying Bat
Level 105
Bloody King
Level 110
Bull Devil
Level 115
Green Devil
Level 120



Take the Roaring Ape hunt, as an example.

The Roaring Ape resides in Love Canyon. It may not look it, but it's quite short-tempered and ready to smash anything in sight with its Despot Kill.

Surely, you are not one to be pushed around by some monkey, right? Your morale builds up as the Roaring Ape lunges toward you, and you skillfully dodge its attack, thanks to your agile body movement. This makes the Roaring Ape furious! It quickly resorts to its special skill, the Fear Roar, and tries his best to blast your ears with its devastating sound. Trembled by its terrible roar, you summon all your strength and cling to your sword, looking for chances to strike back. When the right moment comes, you make several brilliant swipes and engage the Ape in a tough battle.


After several rounds, the Roaring Ape could no longer hold its own and falls to the ground. It's time to check its body and look for anything valuable it might have had!


Finally, it's highly recommended to team up, if you plan on challenging these small bosses. Make sure your character levels are close to the boss' level, or you won't get any Study Points or valuable drops from them!