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Exorcism for iPad

Duration: everyday

Requirement: Level 90 and above

NPC: Daily Quest Envoy (Twin City 426, 396), Heavenly Master (Market 243, 159), Earth Master (Black Burrow 036,024)

Reward:  EXP, Study Points, Chi Tokens and Gift Packs. 

Chi Token. After collecting 7 Chi Tokens, you can use them to gain 180 minutes of EXP and 200 Chi Points.
Exorcism Pack. Open it to receive random gifts from Soul Pack (P3 or P4), a weapon accessory or some other items.
Golden Exorcism Pack. Open it to receive 50 CPs(B) and random gifts from a Soul Pack (P4 – P6), a Refinery Pack or a weapon accessory. You also have 20% chance to get an extra Chi Token from the Golden Exorcism Pack.

1. All Level 90+ players can speak with the Daily Quest Envoy to find the Heavenly Master, everyday and learn more about the Thrilling Spook.

2. The Thrilling Spooks are sealed in Black Burrow by the Heavenly Master and the Earth Master. You can enter there from the portal behind the Heavenly Master. There are different Thrilling Spooks for you to kill. The more powerful one you kill, the better reward you'll receive. For example, if you kill a Thrilling Spook 3, you can receive 100 Study Points, 1 Chi Token and 3 Exorcism Tokens!

3. After you enter the Black Burrow, you can talk to Earth Master to let him release the devil. After you kill the Thrilling Spook, you can go back to the Heavenly Master for your rewards and Exorcism Tokens. If you collect enough Exorcism Tokens, you can exchange for an Exorcism Pack (need 3 Exorcism Tokens) or a Golden Exorcism Pack (need 9 Exorcism Tokens) from him.


  1. You can finish this quest once a day.
  2. The Thrilling Spooks are so powerful that you'd better find some teammates to help you. However, you need to make sure at least one member has not completed the quest at that day. Otherwise, the Earth Master cannot release the Thrilling Spook.
  3. If you don't want to kill a Thrilling Spook, you can pay 27 CPs to complete the quest directly (a Thrilling Spook 3 will be killed automatically), and the reward will be the same.