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Version 2089: Lottery Upgrade

Date: Jul 26 2013 02:00:38 Source: Official Views: Share

We're glad to announce that the version 2089 for iPad Conquer Online will be released, following the routine maintenance on July 27th, 2013.

Highlights of Version 2089

Changes to Lottery Rewards
The rewards for the Lottery will see a dramatic improvement in this version, along with additional improvements:

  1. Winning a + Stone increases.
  2. Winning Lottery Packs increases.
  3. Winning rare Gems decreases.
  4. Winning Money Bags increases.
  5. Winning Clean Water, Celestial Stone and Quest Chance B decreases.
  6. Winning flowers decreases.
  7. Winning +Steed increases.

Meanwhile, we're going to remove barely-used weapons from the prize list, as well as we're making changes to the Super 1-soc weapon, Elite 2-soc weapon, Elite 1-soc equipment and Talismans. After the update, those four types of items will be narrowed down to two, the Super 2-soc weapon and Super 1-soc equipment!