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Special Rebates Coming in May

Date: Apr 18 2013 00:58:50 Source: Official Views: Share

With the 10th anniversary approaching for Conquer Online PC version, the CO team has decided to honor all players of iPad Conquer Online with a special event – the Credit Rebates event.

Throughout the whole April, all players whose credits meet the requirement will be rewarded with a certain amount of CPs in return. Now let’s take a look at the detailed rules:

  1. The table below shows you how many CPs you’d be rewarded with.

CPs Credited in April

Total Rebates

Claimable Rebates Per Day


30 CPs

1 CP


120 CPs

4 CPs


270 CPs

9 CPs


1500 CPs

50 CPs


3360 CPs

112 CPs


7380 CPs

246 CPs

  1. You will be able to receive the rebates starting on May 2nd. But, if you’re unable to log in for one day, the rebates for that day will be deducted from the total rebates. So, remember to log in everyday to receive your CPs!
  2. The amount of CPs you credit in April decides how much you’ll be rebated in May.

It’s only midway through April. You still have time to make savings for May!