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Shopping Rush For April

Date: Apr 03 2013 03:02:52 Source: Official Views: Share

It's April and here comes the new Shopping Rush event! Want to know what goodies we have prepared for you in April? Search out below! You won't be disappointed! All you need to do is visit Merchant Pakku (Twin City 436, 386) during April 4th to April 18th.
Let’s check out what hot items are offered for sale:

Mount Armor


Pegasus Pack

Price: 3,999 CPs
Open to receive a permanent -1 Pegasus mount armor, a Heaven Soul Pack (contains an optional P6 Dragon Soul for weapon) and 40 Saddles.

The following items are only available for GoldenApple.



Grand Treasure Pack

Price: 13,000 CPs
Open to receive a Rare Steed, a P6 Dragon Soul Pack (optional) and a Mount Armor(B).

Flowery Star Tower Pack

Price: 1,290 CPs
Open to get 1 Super Star Tower and 1 Super Dragon Gem (B).

Tortoise Gem Pack

Price: 780 CPs
Open to get 1 Super Tortoise Gem and 1 Sash(S) (B).

+3 Stone Pack

Price: 108 CPs
Open to get a +3 Stone and an EXP Ball (B).

+6 Stone Pack

Price: 2,770 CPs
Open to get a +6 Stone and a Praying Stone (M) (Bound).

Ultra Stone Pack

Price: 25,700 CPs
Open to get a +8 Stone and two +5 Stones.

Big Permanent Stone Box

Price: 3,750 CPs
Open to get a +Big Permanent Stone and an optional P6 Dragon Soul.