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Purchase Rebates Event Begins May 23rd

Date: May 21 2013 03:15:00 Source: Official Views: Share

With the latest version becoming available on App Store, fixing the errors of Version 2.7, we are able to continue with the celebration for the arrival of Assassins! In addition to the Shopping Rush, from May 23rd to May 30th, players who make purchases worthy of 999 CPs, 1999 CPs, and 2999 CPs in the Shopping Mall will get rebates!

Amount of CPs Spent


999 CPs

49 CPs

1999 CPs

159 CPs

2999 CPs and above

299 CPs

Besides, the Top 5 players of each server who make the highest purchases in Shopping Mall during the event will get extra rewards.




Big Permanent Stone


Optional Mount Armor (-1)


-1 Hoodie Garment


Tough Drill


Star Drill

The Top 5 players list will be announced on Facebook Fan Page, if you wanna know whether or not you are in the Top 5, keep an eye on the page here!