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Weekend Event: Fruit Ninja & Double Rewards For CTF

Date: Nov 08 2012 18:49:59 Source: Official Views: Share

In this weekend, the Fruit Ninja will come back to Twin City to call on heroes to collect fruit for him. As long as you are above Level 80, you will have a chance to get 3 different types of fruit: Watermelons, Oranges, and Apples, from monsters inhabiting the world of Conquer and then exchange for Ninja Packs. The more fruit you collect, the more prize you can get!

Just speak with Fruit Ninja (Twin City, 450, 378) or check the quest guide to learn more details. Please remember to cooperate with your friends to collect all the three types of fruit. A handy gift pack is waiting for you!

Moreover, this weekend’s CTF will see prize doubled. The leader of the winning guilds can claim your extra reward from the Prize Officer (Market 185, 170) the next week.