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Passion Box: Where You Can Find Incredible Treasures!

Date: Mar 13 2013 21:23:26 Source: Official Views: Share

In addition to a Shopping Rush, an intriguing event, “Passion Box”, will also be held from March. 16th to March 30th. Legend has it, Passion Boxes were created and sealed away by a pair of wizards who shared a forbidden love. To open them to grab the valuable items contained inside, you need to find special keys, which can be collected by hunting the loveless monsters, or pay some CPs. The item you can get from the Passion Box is worth far more than what you spend!

Let’s find out what item you can get from the Passion Box?
Open the Passion Box to receive a random item. The higher the level of the box, the greater the prize inside!


Possible Prizes

How to Open?

Cost to Upgrade

Level 1 Passion Box

+1 Steed

Use Level 1 Passion Key or Pay 12 CPs

1 CP

EXP Ball (B)

Meteor Scroll

Praying Stone (S)(B)

+2 Stone and +1 Stone

Level 2 Passion Box

900,000 Silver

Use Level 2 Passion Key or Pay 24 CPs

1 CP

EXP Ball (B) x2

Refined Tortoise Gem

+3 Steed

+3 Stone

Level 3 Passion Box

Praying Stone (S)(B)

Use Level 3 Passion Key or Pay 50 CPs

1 CP

3,500,000 Silver

+3 Stone

Super Dragon Gem or Super Phoenix Gem

+ 4 Stone

Level 4 Passion Box

+ 3 Steed

Use Level 4 Passion Key or Pay 120 CPs

1 CP

EXP Ball (B) x10

+ 3 Stone x3

Weapon Accessory (optional)

Permanent Stone

Level 5 Passion Box

11,000,000 Silver

Use Level 5 Passion Key or Pay 215 CPs

1 CP

+3 Stone x2

+4 Steed

Garment (random)

Super Heaven Fan (For 2.0 only) or Super Riding Crop

Level 6 Passion Box

Praying Stone(L)(B)

Pay 575 CPs

1 CP

Permanent Stone and Vital Pill

Super Tortoise Gem

Tough Drill

+5 Stone x2

Level 7 Passion Box

Super Tortoise Gem and Lottery Ticket

Pay 1,050 CPs


+5 Steed

Tough Drill

Big Permanent Stone

+ 6 Stone x2

How can you get Passion Boxes and Passion Keys?
There are three ways to acquire a Passion Box or a Passion Key: (The "iLove" server not included.)

  1. You have the chance to find Level 1-7 Passion Boxes and Level 1-5 Passion Keys from fallen monsters. (You will have a lower chance to find the Passion Box from monsters that are 20 levels lower than you.)
  2. You can buy Level 5-7 Passion Boxes from Merchant Pakku (Twin City 436, 386). (3 CPs for a Level 5 Passion Box; 4 CPs for a Level 6 Passion Box; 5 CPs for a Level 7 Passion Box)