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Christmas Gift Packs Giveaway!

Date: Dec 12 2012 01:17:30 Source: Official Views: Share

Harvest season arrives, and the CO team has prepared heaps of decent gifts for you. From Dec. 15th to Dec. 25th, every player will receive a gift pack when logging into Conquer Online. You can open the gift pack every 30 minutes to receive a random gift from it. Want to know what items we have prepared for you? Let’s check it out!

Items Contained:

Exp Ball Scrap (B)

Praying Stone Scrap(B)

Transform Token (random)

Diligence Book

7-Star Pouch

Weapon Accessory(random, B)

 +1 Steed (B)

10 Chi Points


Refined Gem(B)

5 CPs (B)

Lottery Ticket

 +3 Stone

500 Chi Points

Dragon Ball

Permanent Stone

Exemption Token

Good luck and have fun!