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Version 2100: Halloween Events & Evil Unleashed!

Date: Oct 23 2013 03:19:06 Source: Official Views: Share

We're glad to announce that the version 2100 for iPad Conquer Online will be released, following the routine maintenance on October 24th, 2013.

Highlights of Version 2100

Halloween Events
From Oct. 27th - Nov. 1st, the Halloween Events will descend on all players. This year, the CO team is glad to introduce several new Halloween special events, including Chocolate Candy Machine, Exorcism Night, Trick or Treat, Talented Dresser, and Challenge of Leadership, to players all around the world! You can talk to Halloween Officer Nan in Twin City (447, 348) to learn the details. In all events, you'll have a chance to earn Praying Stone(S)(B), Gems, Garments, and even Dragon Balls! Prepare for the special Halloween ahead, now!

Evil Unleashed
From Oct. 24th to Nov. 6th, players will receive a pamphlet that contains information on the whereabouts of the creatures that you must hunt for the items needed to unleash the evil spirit! Each evil spirit killed will reward the player with an Evil Gift Pack, which requires you to pay to get surprises, including a Celestial Stone, -1 7-day Garment(B), or even 5,000 CPs!