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Version 2096: Super Guild War, Monthly Gift Pack Giveaway & Events

Date: Sep 02 2013 03:02:06 Source: Official Views: Share

We're glad to announce that the version 2096 for iPad Conquer Online will be released, following the routine maintenance on September 5th, 2013.

Highlights of Version 2096

Super Guild War
Join forces with your guild-mates to fight against other guilds in a series of intense battles! The Super Guild War will be held over 5 weeks, starting from Sept. 7th. Win as many Lord Tokens as you can, and earn fabulous prizes for your guild!

The Wanted
From Sept. 5th - 19th, a Wanted Token will be given to all players who login during the event. With this token, you can accept the quest to hunt down specific monsters in the wild, but only with limited information about which ones! You can gain either a Joyful Summer Pack, Fair Summer Pack, or Luxury Summer Pack. If you complete 3 quests a day, you'll have a chance to take an added quest to earn a Summer Pack based on your level! Besides, each Summer Pack will give you a Grateful Summer Pack, from which you'll have an opportunity to win a 30-day -1 Garment, a Permanent -1 Garment or even 20,000 CPs!

Wishing Elves
From Sept. 5th - Oct. 3rd, Fairy Sara will descend upon Twin City (449, 378)! When you login, you'll receive a Holy Lamp, from which you can choose different wishes to make. Each wish could get you a nice reward, even +8 Stone or 1,000 CPs! But not every wish will come true, so you’ll have to try extra hard to make your wish come true!

Monthly Gift Pack Giveaway
On Sept. 5th - 12th, any player above Level 80 will receive a valuable gift pack, just by logging into the game! Be sure you check your inventory during that time!