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A New Chapter of Conquer Online Unraveled on Mobile Devices

Date: Aug 20 2013 21:43:51 Source: Official Views: Share

While PC Conquer Online keeps making progresses in improving itself, such as riddance of bots, providing much fairer gameplay, iPad Conquer Online never trails too far.

Over the past year, the first free MMO App on iOS, iPad Conquer Online, has attracted over 500 thousand users worldwide, and scored more than 1 million downloads! And it also ranks at No. 6 in Category RPG of the U.S. App Store! Average Rating for iPad Conquer Online is over 4.5 out of 5 Stars, based on over 2500 ratings. Different from PC CO, iOS CO gives a complete different concept of playing, letting players enjoy this game in a different way! Now, let's check out the reviews given by the press and our players, below!

  1. World of Warcraft or any other MMORPG fans will definitely want to give this game a shot, if they haven't already. With the addition of assassins, what's not to like? - Sean Cappelle AppAdvice.com
  2. It's definitely the Best MMORPG on IOS, the way of tap to hits and slash to release skills are unique and awesome. Lots of selections, classes, and funs.
  3. Unique way to fight, great drop rate, No bots, helpful community. I'm hooked. Even better than CO1.0.
  4. I have enjoyed the iPad version of conquer. It plays quite a bit different that the regular version of conquer but is easily adjusted to. Players seem to be more friendly.

With all the compliments iPad Conquer Online received from the public, a new chapter, iPhone Conquer Online, will be started on the App Store, soon! Compared to iPad Conquer Online, it looks way more gorgeous! The brand-new User Interface makes the graphic feel better, and looks much clearer on an iPhone, let alone you can carry Conquer Online with you, anywhere and anytime! Here are some screen shots taken of late, and let's check out what makes all this so different!

iPhone 5

iPhone 4 & 4S

There'll be more great features and changes to come for iOS Conquer Online, and we'll keep you apprised! Stay tuned!