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Version 2087: Shopping Rush, Events & Bug Fix

Date: Jul 03 2013 01:48:27 Source: Official Views: Share

The Independence Day is approaching us, so is the version 2087 for iPad Conquer. The CO team is proud to inform you that the new version will be available for download & update on July 4th, which marks the beginning of the special events for the celebration of July 4th! In addition, version 2087 will contain bug fixes as well.

Contents of Version 2087:

Independence Day Shopping Rush

From July 4th - 18th, Merchant Pakku (Twin City 436,386) will carry a boatload of great items, including a new garment Golden Dream, along with a bunch of packs. Plus, a variety of Super Weapon & Equipment Packs will be available, too!

Independence Day Crazy Hunting

From July 4th - 18th, every hero can collect different kinds of fruit from the bodies of monsters, and combine them into 10 Hunting Packs, each day! Each Hunting Pack contains amazing gifts that are sure to help you along the way!

Special Rebate for Crediting Event

For players who credited in April, and should have received rebate in May, the CO team has come to a decision that we'll prolong this event for another 10 days, and will dish out rebates to the players who qualify.

Bug Fixes

The Wizard Robe reported to make players bald heads will be fixed.