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[The Steed System] Mount Appearance

When you breed new mounts, you will have a chance to acquire a new breed of mount with a random appearance and color.

Maroon Steed

Red Steed

Tawny Steed

Brown Steed

Khaki Steed

Amber Steed

Yellow Steed

Golden Steed

Plaid Steed

Moon Steed

Misty Steed

Beige Steed

Ivory Steed

Snowy Steed

Grey Steed

Star Steed

Emerald Steed

Jade Steed


Cobalt Steed

Crystal Steed

Diamond Steed

Sapphire Steed

Black Steed

Marble Steed

Lavender Steed

Mauve Steed

Indigo Steed

Purple Steed


Lilac Steed

Paisley Steed

Pink Steed

Coral Steed

Sandy Steed

Pearl Steed

Sunset Steed

Charcoal Steed

Agate Steed


Pine Steed

Shadow Steed

Mortar Steed

White Steed

If you are lucky enough, you will acquire a new breed of rare mount!




Spotted Steed


From now on, you can use 2 mounts to breed a new mount!

[The Steed System] Mount Attributes

The Mount Attributes include the Lineage Level, Lineage, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, HP, Speed, and Vigor.

Lineage Level: Your Battle Power will increase by 1 as your Lineage Level increases by 1 Level. Maximum Lineage Level: Level 12. When your mount has reached Lineage Level 4, you can ride your mount in the cities. After your mount has reached Level 6, you can ride your mount in the Market.
Lineage: Your mount's Lineage score under the current Lineage Level..
Physical Attack: Increases the Physical Attack of your character.
Magic Attack: Increases the Magic Attack of your character.
HP: Increases the maximum HP limit of your character.
Speed: The Speed of your mount. The initial speed is 100%.
Vigor: It will cost your mount Vigor when moving and jumping. If the Vigor of your mount drops to 0, your mount can't jump anymore. (You can slowly ride on your mount or stand still to restore Vigor automatically).

Note: Horses cannot obtain Blessed Attributes when you choose blessed rebirth.

[The Steed System] Mount Skills

You can learn the Riding skill and Spook skill from the Mount Trainer in Twin City (388,386).

Riding Skill
After you have a mount and have it equipped, you can select the Riding skill and right click your character to ride on your mount.
"Riding" button:

Spook Skill
There are two skills: Spook and War Cry.
Spook: It can dismount the player whose mount's Lineage is lower than your mount's. Cool down time: 15 seconds.

War Cry: It can dismount all the players in a certain area whose mount's Lineage is lower than your mount's. Cool down time: 60 seconds.

[The Steed System] Mount Lineage

After you breed a new mount, the Lineage Level will be increased. You can find the Steed Keeper(Stable 19, 27) or (Market 189,212) to breed a new mount!

Increase the Lineage Level
The Lineage Level of the minor mount can be higher than the major mount's. The Lineage and Lineage Level of the minor mount will be transformed to the relative experience.

The experience required to increase the Lineage Level:

Lineage Level The experience required
0 20
1 20
2 90
3 240
4 720
5 2160
6 6480
7 19440
8 58320
9 2700
10 5500
11 9000

The experience of the minor mount at each Lineage Level:

Minor Mount's Lineage Level Experience
0 1
1 10
2 30
3 120
4 360
5 1080
6 3240
7 9720
8 29160

The rate of being dismounted at each Lineage Level:
There is rate of being dismounted by other players while mounted. The rate is according to the Lineage Level. The higher the Lineage Level, the lower the rate! The rate is as follows:

Lineage Level

Rate of being dismounted

0 90%
1 80%
2 70%
3 60%
4 50%
5 40%
6 30%
7 20%
8 10%
9+ 0%

[The Steed System] Mount Acquisition

It's said that lots of Cattle Thieves (Cave Thief, Forest Thief, Desert Thief, Plains Thief and Thief Leader), appear around Waterfall Cave. You will have a chance to get a saddle by killing the Cattle Thieves. Then you can swap the saddle for a mount at the Mount Officer in the Stables in Twin City.

You can also purchase a mount from the Mount Retailer in the Stables in Twin City (19, 29) and the Great Merchant in the Market (212,179) with CPs.